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Independant Foundation Consulting offers top of the line inspection services for both your foundation and drain tile. Whether you are a home-owner looking for an unbiased opinion about repair needs or a realtor needing an independent opinion, we've got you covered.

Assisting homeowners in understanding bids from contractors and collaborating with realtors, attorneys, lending institutions and other interested parties in the evaluation of foundations

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Foundation industry experience since 1977

Experienced in conducting foundation inspections prior to purchase on properties

Assisting homeowners of all types in understanding bids from contractors

Skilled in educating on proper repair processes and reinforcing strategies

Collaborates with Realtors and other invested parties in the evaluation of foundations

Independent Foundation Inspection

Drain Tile Testing

Our initial service starts with the performance of a detail specialty inspection in order to determine the condition of the foundation on a single-family home or a multi family building this involves a thorough inspection of not only the foundation area itself but also the exterior perimeter of the building as well.


The exterior of the building gives many clues of what has or maybe occurring inside the basement the exterior inspection is most commonly concerned with any potential moisture issues that could adversely affect the foundation system having viewed the building from both inside and out we are able to achieve a level of certainty.


This allows us to then write a corrective prescription that is most appropriate to that particular building that information is provided to the client in the form of what we call a summary of findings. This is a narrative explanation that details our observations our advised correction and an approximate cost to have the work done. We deliver the summary to the client immediately at time of inspection with a written report.

A drain tile inspection generally consists of opening up at least three holes in different parts of the basement to check the condition of the interior tile and how well it is functioning. The tile is visually inspected for standing water, mud or other deposits, and tree roots. A water hose is then inserted into the tile to check for blockages, flow and pitch. This is all assuming a perimeter drain tile system is found in the basement. A perimeter system consists of tile placed next to the footing, around the inside edge of the basement, and connecting into a sump crock with a pump that discharges water outside onto the lawn or into the storm sewer. 


In most cases the homes exterior drain tile will also need to be tested this is called a spud test this is performed by driving a metal pipe into the ground near the foundation and pumping water to the outside drain tile

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Independent Foundation Consulting  specializes in foundation inspections and drain tile testing. Our experience in foundation assessment/inspection and drain tile testing is unparalleled in Southeastern Wisconsin.

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About Us

We are a Locally Owned and Operated Business

Independent Foundation Inspection

Performing well over 8,000 foundation inspections/assessments and determining the best solution to problematic issues, Richard “Rick” Borchlewicz's foundation industry experience began in 1977 with his employment with Viking Waterproofing, a foundation repair/basement waterproofing company, where he was given the opportunity to learn all aspects of the foundation industry, including business practices and foundation repair techniques. 

In the 1990's, Rick purchased Viking, his employer's waterproofing company. Utilizing his innate abilities and foundation knowledge, Rick designed and oversaw implementation of all foundation repair, guaranteeing the effectiveness of the repairs with warranty. Realizing consumers' confusion regarding foundations, their systems and various repair techniques utilized in the Milwaukee Metropolitan area, in 2000, Rick joined a foundation inspection business already established with Realtors whose focus was on consumer advocacy and determining uniform industry standards for foundation repair. Rick had used drain tile testing to diagnose foundation problems with his own business, and, as an industry 1st, Rick began to perform drain tile testing for the foundation inspection business he worked with for the next 15 years. 

In late 2015, opportunity met ambition, and Rick, again, started his own business, Independent Foundation Consulting, specializing in foundation inspections and drain tile testing. Rick's experience in foundation assessment/inspection and drain tile testing is unparalleled in Southeastern Wisconsin. Rick resides in his native West Allis.

Over 8,000 inspections conducted

Began conducting inspections in 1977

An affiliate member of the Wisconsin association of foundation repair professionals and the Wisconsin association of home inspectors

Frequently works collaboratively with Realtors, Attorneys and Lending institutions 


Please contact us for pricing information.


Please contact us for pricing information.

Have performed drain tile tests for over 20 years

 "Hire my dad......he's the best!"                

- Mr. Curly Lambeau